This course uses a combination of lecture and hands-on exercises to provide a gentle introduction to programming in R with a focus on spatial data processing. The final project in the course is the construction of a reproducible research workflow as illustrated in the figure below.

Figure from R for Data Science by Grolemund & Wickham (2017)

Each student wrote a script (using the R programming language) to perform these steps and generate a website showcasing their analysis. The focus of the course is on the design and implementation of the complete data processing research workflow itself (not any particular statistics/methods/models). The challenge is to string all the steps together in a coherent, reproducible flow from raw data to final outputs.

Group 1

Student Title
HamedGhodsi90 Interpreting The Stormwater Management Model (SWMM) Output Files
Henryxie1003 Tracking tree phenology of Nature View Park in Buffalo
JonathanMLynch Historical Hazardous Material Spills
Katie-M-Walsh Establishing Floodzones and Potential Constructed Wetlands for Wastewater Management
matthewamoia The occurence of Clemmys guttata (Spotted Turtle) with respect to wetland habitat suitability
nathandubinin The Story Pollen Tells Us
sunjiazh A common nosedive of European tourism in 2015
talentstuder Buffalo’s Changeable temperature in October
YingLuGit Buffalo Land Cover Mapping
zero12r Visualizing Racial Skewing in Police Traffic Stop
zhang224 Connection between Deer Tick and Lyme Disease

Group 2

Student Title
acerpovicz Wave Patterns and Hurricanes
allisonleet Spatial differences in surface temperature mapping using LANDSAT and NOAA weather stations
Canacelqr Spatial pattern of plant species biodiversity in South Africa—Using Proteaceae family as example
dnkarp GEO 503 Final Project | Fall 2018
EllieGaiser Parking Summonses Throughout the City of Buffalo
hkhorasani Investigation of the eutrophication trends in the united states’ northeastern and midwestern lakes
Jim-King GWR models in estimating median home value based on urban sustainability framwork
jiyuanzh US Airport Delay and snowfall in January 2018
Nino-Martinez Gentrification and Displacement in Buffalo, NY
seankono Crime and Census Attributes in Buffalo, New York
wwang52 Higher Education in New York State